Over 90% of toe nail fungus infections are caused by a Dermatophyte fungal organism (Trichophyton rubrum). The fungus can penetrate deep into the nail-bed tissue producing an ugly yellowish discoloration, thickening of the nail and brittleness resulting in deformity of the nail. Severe infection can cause pain and require in depth medical attention.

Treating nail fungus infection with a topical product requires it to be effective at killing the fungus as well as penetrating under the toenail to the nail-bed. NAIL-IT®, nail fungus liquid uses a stabilized, active form of chlorine dioxide complex plus a penetrating agent. The unique application brush in the bottle is used to apply the liquid to the affected nail.

Culture of T.rubrum showing growth inhibition with N=Nail-It and C=Competitor
NAIL-It® fungus remover is exceptionally good at clearing up nail discoloration and deformities. The liquid should be applied to the front of the nail. Try to lift the nail to allow it to run into the underlying nail bed. Some clearing and benefit will be seen in a few days The affected nail may lose all infection in a few weeks but the obvious deformity will persist until the new nail grows in, which may take 6 months or more.

It is best to apply the Liquid sparingly the first few times to evaluate the response. If itching or irritation occurs this may be due to the too fast deactivation of the fungus. If this occurs simply wait a day or two and reapply. If no itching or irritation occurs continue to apply NAIL-iT daily. If irritation occurs, it can be alleviated by placing the toe or toes under warm running water for a few minutes. .

NAIL-it liquid can be applied on the edge of the infected nail before taking a bath or shower, some of the fungus or detritus at the edge of the nail may be scraped away with a nail file or your finger nail. Keep the nail well clipped as the nail grows out. Be sure to rinse all instruments with hot water to prevent transmission of the fungus to other nails.


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